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[PDF] Problems of Assimilation of Borrowings Belonging to Different Language Families

SA Mahmudova – Path of Science, 2023
… qısa lüğəti” (A concise dictionary of the Arabic and Persian words in the literary
Azerbaijani language (Bakı, ADU nəşriyyatı, 1960). … The word “mil” is also used as
a measure of length in some dialects of the Azerbaijani language (for instance, in …
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From alliance to 'soft conquest': the anatomy of the Turkish-Azerbaijani military alliance before and after the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war

L Hovsepyan, AA Tonoyan – Small Wars & Insurgencies, 2024
Military cooperation has been one of the milestones in Turkish-Azerbaijani relations
since the early 1990s. A qualitatively new phase began in 2010 after the signing of
the strategic agreement which not only fixed the ʹcasus foederisʹ clause but also …
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